Fire Risk Assessment

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 all workplaces have to carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment. The ‘Responsible Person’ must ensure that fire risks are eliminated or managed properly and that employees and visitors are adequately protected from fire and its effects. This means:

  • Reducing to a minimum the likelihood of a fire starting.
  • Ensuring that the means of detecting a fire and warning occupants of fire are appropriate.
  • Ensuring that means of escape are adequate for the anticipated occupancy
  • Ensuring that structural fire precautions will prevent the rapid spread and growth of fire.
  • Providing suitable first aid fire-fighting equipment.
  • Providing training for staff in fire prevention and action in the event of fire.
  • Recording the findings of the assessment, measures taken as a result of the assessment, maintenance and testing of equipment and training of staff.

Under the Fire Safety Order, if the ‘Responsible Person’ does not have the necessary skills or training to carry out the assessment, they should appoint somebody who does.  We can offer this service and call on experts where special risks or hazards exist. Once a Final Certificate has been issued for work that we have inspected, we can help you to draft the risk assessment with full knowledge of the fire safety measures incorporated into your building. Please note, we cannot offer this service at the same time as dealing with your Building Regulations application. Call us for an initial consultation.

Recent commissions include both residential care homes and sheltered housing schemes, high-rise flats, educational buildings, leisure centres, shops and buildings of special historic interest. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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