Access Consultancy

An Access Statement can be needed for a variety of reasons – a Planning Application, grant application, Building Regulations application or to assess how your building measures up against the Equality Act 2010 requirements.

Whether your building is new or existing, ancient or modern, it can be crucial to take advice based on knowledge and experience of what must be achieved, but also with practical understanding of construction to ensure the measures are realistic.

We can survey and report on your plans or premises and recommend reasonable measures that you can take to make the building and your services suitably accessible for staff, residents or the public.

One area that can be overlooked is the management of evacuation of disabled people in case of fire. It is a duty of the ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure that all occupants can leave the building without reliance on the Fire Service. This can be a complex problem – are you confident that your building and evacuation procedures are adequate?

For large and/or ‘difficult’ buildings (such as historic and multi-level), we can bring in a highly regarded access specialist to assist.

Please note, as with Fire Risk Assessment, we cannot offer this service simultaneously with a Building Regulations application.

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